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SCENTCHIPS offers "The finest in Home Fragrance" products with the original wax chips shaped liked leaves and flowers.  They can be mixed and blended into thousands of combinations for your smelling pleasure.

Scentchips have been made by hand since 2006 in Australia, using the finest ingredients on the market. Scentchips can be used in a simmering pot, or as a potpurri.  No matter how you use you Scentchips you are sure to be delighted by their wonderful aromas


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SC56 Scentchips 56g Boxes Favourites Fragrances

Each box contains 56grams and will fragrance up to 40hrs in a burner or can be used as a potpurri and will fragrance up to 4 years.



Fragrance Options
Country Spice (vanilla/cinnamon/clove) ...Add $8.95
Strawberries & Cream (strawberry/vanilla) ...Add $8.95
Woostock (musk/patchouli/vanilla) ...Add $8.95
Peaceful (bay powder/white tea/ginger) ...Add $8.95
Christmas Spice (red &green chips of cinamon/clove/vanilla) ...Add $8.95
Seabreeze (ocean/rain) ...Add $8.95
Creamy Latte (coffee/cremebrulee/nutmeg) ...Add $8.95
Victorian Secret (lilac/lavender & musk) ...Add $8.95
Sunburst (pink grapefruit/strawberry/orange) ...Add $8.95
Fresh Linen (eucalyptus/gardenia/plumeria) ...Add $8.95
Lemon Verbena (lemongrass/sage/lemon/bergamot) ...Add $8.95


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